Feel free to use all the pages of our new(Aug 07) website. They can provide you with daily High/low predictions at the Open for 75 most active stocks (can be expanded), and 33 futures (nearby high volume contract).
We not only provide predicted high and low, we also provide price levels that will be hit 80% of the time and, 67 % of the time (further away from the open than the 80% levels).

We have developed a prediction model that is more accurate than the Pivot Point method.
Our prediction accuracy page describes how, in our model development, we avoid "overfitting" problems which can produce poor performance in the future even though history was fitted very well.
Our mathematical model, being used for 1 day ahead forecasts, seems to be extendable further into the future. We'll be working on that. There's also an interesting, objective way to look at "Trends" that will be published.

We have separate pages for stock predictions and futures predictions. There is also a page on the accuracy of our predictions compared to those of the pivot-point method.

Another page describes the pivot point method, which is apparently "decades old", and a list of references.

As in the pivot point method, we publish 2 sets of predictions: "Level 1" and "Level 2". The Level 1 predictions are the first to come into play.

On unusual days in which a Level 1 prediction is exceeded, the Level 2 prediction then applies. Unlike the pivot point method, we publish the trigger points at which Level 2 predictions would become effective.

Stay tuned - there's more to come.

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